Bandini Automobili is "Back to the Future"

The rebirth of Bandini Automobili comes from the desire to fulfill a promise made by Michele to Ilario: to carry on his Artwork respecting the history of the brand. Today, Bandini is supported by the Chronos Italia network, in which concept, Michele found the convergence and the space to realize an emotionally charged dream. So Dora was born with his growth and development program. An ambitious one, complex but not complicated, with a single common denominator with the Chronos projects: the recovery and sustainable development of a modus operandi typical of the Italian Renaissance workshop”. Clearly with an updated and globalized vision, but definitely far from an industrial serial production.

We live in an era where the concept of “perfection or highest quality” can be transferred very easily from the industrial to the artisanal process. Ilario assembled by changing and enhancing mechanical parts to achieve his goal, and today this is even more possible, practical and performing. The real ability to characterize a Bandini product lies in carrying on the “fundamental concepts” of Ilario and many other manufacturers of that historical period, who together contributed to outline and then define the Italian flair of the car. This should not be intended as sporting or technological supremacy, but instead as an equally value of Style and Quality, in a wider sense.

Today Bandini looks like an incubator, having some professionals who work together, each one in his own field, on perfecting this idea to create the Future based on the Past. Bandini is not only interested to the performance as “first value”, but instead is focusing on the right “proportions of shape and power”, even at the cost of easy extreme performance.